Energy Concepts


Energy Concepts

Energy Concepts, Inc. has designed and manufactured quality educational systems for technology training since 1954. ECI. offers real-world technical training systems that provide actual work skills. Energy Concepts is the premier producer of high-quality educational systems for contextual science, electronics and industrial controls training systems.

DES is proud to represent the premier producer of technical training systems.


Principles of Technology
Principles of Technology is a two-year course designed to teach traditional physics using a contextual approach for the middle 50 percent of students. Through a blend of technology and academics, students will discover how physics concepts apply to workplace situations.


Material Science
The Material Science Technology course uses a multidisciplinary approach to science and technology. Students learn about materials, material uses and applications, scientific theories, and practical experiences that prepare them to work in a technologically-rich enviroment.


Physic in Context
Students explore how physics applies to real-life situations while developing the problem-solving skills that are necessary in the technical workforce. Concepts are presented within the context of four energy systems; mechanical, fluid, electrical and thermal and reinforced through hands-on lab experiments.


Students build skills for success through, research, experiments and challenges that incorporate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts. Engineering Principles introduces students to a variety of different technologies.


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